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Vikki Huang is delightful to work with! Vikki is a professional who puts her students first. Vikki worked closely with Lake Tahoe Preparatory School during the admissions process and throughout her student’s enrollment at Lake Tahoe Prep. Her student earned admission to the university of his choice! Vikki maintains a strong relationship with her students and continues to assist them after they graduate from high school as they continue their education at their university. In addition to student recruitment Vikki is expanding her services to offer college counseling and SAT prep to her students. Congratulations Vikki on a job well done!
Adrienne Forbes, M.Ed.
M.Ed. Director of International Admissions
I have known Howard Moore for over 30 years. I had been a tenured professor at the University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, and joined Howard and the leadership team at Saddlebrook Resort. In all my interactions with Howard during this time, I witnessed a man of huge integrity and character. I believe that these attributes, combined with his unmatched enthusiasm, will make him a great partner in an educational setting.”
Jack Groppel
Howard Moore provides every student athlete with competent guidance and creative suggestions. Always enthusiastic about each and every one of his clients,Howard provides clear insight and knowledge to traversing the student athlete college process.
Mark Shepherd
Social Studies Teacher
I have Known Howard Moore for over 35 years!! He brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, expertise, and ethics like no-one else in the industry. He has educated athletes both on and off the court at all levels. This includes from the Beginner to the Professional. He is a leader and man of integrity
William Aronson
Howard you took me under your wing when I left Texas (Oh my gosh-nearly 30 years ago) and I am forever grateful for that, along with all the support and guidance you gave me. You are the man!!
Darren Brewis, AIF®, CFS
President - Platinum Financial Group
Vikki enrolled my son at age 12 into an elite American boarding school. Vikki nurtured him through tutoring to correcting in school behavioral issues. Today, he has become a very successful and responsible university student playing on a golf team with a full scholarship. None of this would have been attainable without Vikki’s direction and constant oversight. Our entire family is grateful for the endless assistance and professional care Vikki provided.
Y Zhang
A Very Proud And Thankful Mom
When our boarding school announced its permanent closing, Ms. Vikki contacted our school administration immediately to take charge of a total of 6 students. She worked ceaselessly until every single one of us was placed into a school that fit our academic and athletic needs. When it was time for us to apply to college, she delivered us the most needed service at another turning point of our lives. Today we are the proud students at various universities across America and we owe our success to our mentor and friend, dear Ms. Vikki.
YQ Song
A Math Major Freshman At The University Of Chicago
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