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To round this up in a summary fashion. One must get a 1600 SAT, all A’s, be the student body president, valedictorian, play a needed instrument for ensembles. Have the most powerful letters of recommendation from your teachers. Write a compelling admissions essay that simply WOW’s the reader. At Blue Ocean Student Services, we can advise you on all aspects of your admission process.

Look into tutoring, as a part of your school’s tutoring program or on your own. Try to be a volunteer in the school club, this will only highlight your level of enthusiasm and commitment. The activity is not the highlight it’s what it says about your commitment. At Blue Ocean Student Services, we are strong advocates of voluntary service. There are so many organizations in need of help again highlighting where your passions lie and your desire to help the community.

Education offerings are changing at light speed, why leave the next tier of your education to chance. Attending a university is an essential building block for students to build a purposeful journey to ensure that it enriches both themselves and the community.
Through a pre-scheduled Zoom meeting, you can understand our process from beginning to end
We place students that need internships into positions that are aligned with their major or lifestyle needs. For example, if an international student is applying for a 1-year OPT internship, we will find the internship position. Sports tourism in Florida, managed events are our specialties . Allow us to help you find the ideal internship opportunity.
We offer comprehensive sports courses in summer, winter and spring. Let our concierge service find the right plan for you in golf, tennis, paddle and pickle balls, football, skydiving, deep sea fishing, baseball and basketball, please call 813 480 0754.
Where ever you are in the process we can pick up the pieces and get you to the finish line.
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