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Blue Ocean Student Services & Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center

SVB is announcing its partnership with Blue Ocean Student Services LLC. Blue Ocean Student Services is a leading university and advisory consultancy service. Blue ocean supports and advises families from around the world with relevant information about university trends, cycles in admissions, NCAA compliance, wellness, and lifestyle on campus. Our business is built on the quality and integrity of our people with close links to college coaches and admission offices. We are proud to offer expert advice that puts your child at the center of the process. 

Howard Moore Blue Oceans President realized there was a niche to be filled at SVB with all the student athletes who will eventually need a strategic collegiate roadmap. You cannot always rely on the college guidance counselors at high schools to be laser focused on your child’s possibilities. Playing sports or a particular sport contributes to your child’s social capital. Families need to realize how to utilize and direct those attributes properly into the admissions arena commented Vikki Huang who is an accredited education consultant for BOSS. 

With 50 years of experience in college placement BOSS will provide your child with their best fit college Pascal Collard commented “Blue Ocean Student Services compliments our entire sports programing with its dedicated college placement service” 

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